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    In the next ten years, Kangda people will fully use all their wisdom and enthusiasm to continue to practice their mission, so that every Chinese can afford to buy the high-tech national medical equipment for the goal of achieving national health in the future.
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    Now Kangda Medical has a complete product line through importation, R&D and manufacturing partners. The complete product lines includes MRI, CT, Ultrasonics, X-ray Unit, DR, Mammo, C-arm, Mobile X-ray Unit, Bone Densitometer, Animals medical imaging, dental imaging system and dental chair.
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    Kangda highly focuses on our customers and thier evaluation towards our service and support. Technical support spanning over the entire lifecycle of the product allows the customers to use our products with more confidence. Kangda branch offices and subsidiary companies will provide last KM services to our customers.
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    To maximize the value of stakeholders and win the wide recognition of investors as scheduled, to standardize the operation of capital market and realize the incentive mechanism of external constraints on the company's operation to maximize shareholder value and protect the interests of investors.
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    As a professional medical research and development enterprise, kangda's development is driven by talents. Kangda provides a good environment and creates a harmonious and upward working atmosphere.
    Beyond Imagination Casting For Excellence
    Apsaras CT(32 rows)
    High Definition Dynamic Large FOV
    Wisdom Sailing And Write Legends
    Aplio Series Ultrasound Imaging System


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    七星彩今日开奖号码_七星彩预测_七星彩 is a professional platform company in the field of Medical Imaging and Dental Equipment. It provides to the customers with the excellent general solution.
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